The conspicuously half-filled room is cluttered with hopes unrealized: projects that haven't come to fruition, plans that never came together, experiences not shared. Ignoring the blinding neon signs obnoxiously, yet convincingly exhorting "Pizza", "Relax!" and "Beer Me", you make your way into the room and discover seven troves of merriment.

  1. The Thoughts: Musings of Mendo aka a blog.
  2. Song of the Day: A song. Of My Choosing. Every Day (or so)
  3. The Doing: Kevin's Commitments this month. Join him!
  4. The Radar: Shows, Songs, Events To Keep A Lookout For
  5. The Recommendations: Events & Locales You Might Like
  6. The Projects: What's Kevin Cooking Up?
  7. The List: Some favorite Eateries and Watering Holes

Or check all of the above in one place @ The Whole Shebang   

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