Things I've committed to doing by February 1st, 2017

Drive a Car: It might sound like I'm starting off ridiculously easy but, as crazy as it may sound, I haven't driven a car for about 16 years. The majority of my time in Los Angeles has been as a full time pedestrian. I got a learner's permit last year but never drove and it's about to expire so I have to a) re-apply for my learner's permit and b) do some driving so I can get my license in February or March. I'm going to have my license by Spring, even if it kills me. Which, given my previous driving history, it very well could.

Get Below 204: I'm currently 215 (or so). I got down to 205 in November but laziness crept back into my life. Along with non-diet soda and eating out for lunch. And late night snacks. And not going to the gym. Basically, I stopped doing everything I had done to get my down from my top weight of 230. I'm ending that run now and will be under 204 when February rolls around. The related goal is to work out 3 or 4 times a week. I haven't decided on the personal trainer route yet but let's see if I can self-motivate myself. Which shouldn't be that hard since there's a gym downstairs in my building and I'm going to count working out to Daily Burn in my apartment as a workout as well. 

Don't Get Drunk: This is a tough one for me because I'm a bit of a degenerate. Once I start something, I tend to do it until I can't do it no mo'. Also, my functions with friends usually involved drinking. Beer pong is still a viable party option. I've tried to limit myself but the way my brain works, once I get buzzed and think "That's probably enough, Kevin." The devil on my shoulder says, "One more won't hurt." And my always compromising angel agrees, "Fine, one more" to which The Devil smiles and has me say to the bartender, "Make it a double."
Then I wake up on the couch and hope that I have my wallet, phone, keys, and didn't do anything stupid the night before. 
Related to that, in my old age, I can't handle drinking and the hangovers last two days with the first day being bedridden. I try to coax myself out of depression by saying, "Nah, it's a good day of catching up on the shows you haven't been able to watch." but deep in my heart I know it's a wasted day. Truth be told, I wasted a least two weeks this past year like that. If not a month. So even if I fail at the not getting drunk pledge, I'm also pledging NO MORE WASTED DAYS. If I fail once, I can't compound it by lying about and being a good for nothing. 
That being said, if I fail too often at the drunk policy these first couple of months, it might have to be a stone sober Spring (or Sober '17.)

- Finish "The Cleanse": "The Cleanse" is a script I started as kind of a gag. I was talking with friends about cleanses and how one friend got hangry all the time during her last cleanse and started joking that it should be a horror movie. And thus, "The Cleanse" was born. A film about three sorority girls who unwittingly take a cleanse supplement that turns them into homicidal maniacs at the sight, smell, or related sound of food (e.g, there's a scene in which they get set-off by the chimes of an ice cream truck.) I've written almost all of the first draft but I haven't finished the third act. I just keep rewriting it or putting it aside. By February 1st, I will have finished it, done a polish, and submitted it to friends and/or readers for feedback.

Produce Three Videos: I have a ton of ideas that are just dying on the vine and it's time to make them happen. Some of them are trickier - like an animated video for a song I have in my head - but I should be able to make one of the tricky ones and a couple of throwaway videos. One of the things that slows me down is my old school focus on production value but the reality of it is that content is king and nowadays production value is more of a bonus than a requirement. I should be able to conceive, shoot, and edit three little videos or sketches or vlogs by 2/1.

One Event & One Locale a Week: I'm going to carry over my resolution from last year to try to hit up one new event and one new locale a week. "Event" can be anything from a movie to an art exhibit to a party. Locale is equally broad but it usually means check out a new restaurant or bar. I'm also going to carry over the resolution to stop groaning every time I sit down or get up but no need to go into that. 

Read Two Books: Let's start off slow on the reading front, especially since the last couple books I've started didn't hold my interest and I ended up setting them aside. Recommendations for new reading material are always welcome! 

I think that's enough for now but I reserve the right to add things during the month. I also am going to update this on the 15th to check in on how things are going.