The Sequel to 12 Years a Slave

Before #OscarSoWhite became a thing, I made a video mocking the way Hollywood treats films starring African-Americans. It was inspired both by the slim pickings that non-white actors have to deal with but also with the fact that Hollywood always seems to feel the need to interject a white person into a film in order to "ground it". In this case, I was inspired by the reports that the Notorious B.I.G. film was going to feature a story about a young Jewish kid who gets to hang around with Biggie as he makes his ascension up the hip-hop ranks. Kind of a Get Him to The Greek feel. Throwing in the white kid just seemed completely unnecessary and a great way to not really show Biggie himself. 
I also wanted to mock the sequelitis which will never go away and I came up with a mash-up idea for a sequel to 12 Year a Slave. I think it's pretty good; so did one youtube commenter. So I've got that going for me!