1/15/17 - The Young Pope (HBO)

Variety describes it as: 

An American is elected pope, and turns out to be far more conservative than the College of Cardinals could ever have imagined.

HBO has been on a roll of late but I can't help but feel a little nervous about this one since there reportedly is a strong soap opera feel on top of the biting commentary. It could be "delicious" as Variety says or it could be "House of Cardinals", a potentially interesting look inside the chapels of power that devolved into a silly soap opera like House of Cards did. (Apologies to those that love the show but I wasn't impressed by season 1 and, as I started season 2, I found myself saying, "If he pushes her in front of the subway, I'm done."
He did. And so I did.
Still, I'm going to give HBO the benefit of the doubt, at least for a few episodes.