Recxpectations: Rogue One

One thing that bothers me about movie reviews is that they never really serve as public service. Many reviews basically serve as little more than half-baked film criticism; a quick critique fired off moments after a film's finished landing in the critic's brain. So with Recxpectations, I'm going to try to (mostly) avoid my reaction to the film and instead address it by how I feel people should head into the movie. 
Far too often, I've had a movie ruined by it being overhyped or by my own expectations being misguided. Recxpectations will aim to get people into the right mental space for the film. So without futher ado, here's my take on how you should walk into Rogue One.

You should expect: A war movie, and a fairly dark one at that. Lots of references for fully immersed Star Wars fans; even fans of the movies won't pick up on a bunch of them. More focus on canon than character. 
Don't expect: A heist movie with clever schemes to break in/access the loot. Don't look for depth of character.
If you're like me and expect trailer moments to show up, don't. A lot was cut. On the bright side, there's thankfully no "This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel."
Kid Comfort Level: 10 year olds should be fine; could be a bit much for younger kids depending on their media intake. 
Expecting the Worst: A great looking film (save, arguably, for one CGI character) with a hackneyed first half of the film that leads to an epic final battle.
To 3D or Not 3D: No need to see it in 3D.