Recxpectations: Silence

This is going to be a tough one for me because I simply did not like Martin Scorsese's latest epic. I felt like it would not end and, as an agnostic, it was all a little on the nose for me. I can appreciate challenges of faith but two hours of "Deny or we'll torture more people!" became a bit much. That being said, some critics love the film and I think it will speak more to people who have some sort of faith. 
I'm interested in hearing how fans of the book feel because, from what I've been told about it, I'm not sure the main character was adapted successfully, which I believe may have led to a lot of the issues I had with it.

Expect: A LONG, challenging treatise about the nature and purpose of faith. Runtime is 2 hours, 39 minutes and you'll feel most every last one. Lots of torture; not gory by today's standards but unrelenting. There's a lot of voiceover. Its aim is to provoke questions, not send presumed answers.
Don't Expect: Any actual Portuguese people (brace yourself going in to not be thrown by Andrew Garfield as Rodrigues). This is obvious but the "Heaven is Real" fanbase should recognize that this is faith-based by Scorsese; it's raw. More "Passion of the Christ" than Kirk Cameron fare.
Worst Case Scenario: A film that starts off interestingly enough but quickly, with each passing scene, becomes an exercise of diminishing returns to the point where you consider walking out.