Welcome to The Courier Class

 I'm relaunching the blog!

A few people out there reached out to me after I shut down SoulHonky.com so I decided to give blogging another go. Partly because I like having a place to rant and recommend things to people and partly because I'd like to produce more video content and I always envisioned this would be the place to do it and The Courier Class would be my production company. So here we are.

I'm going to see how long I can keep up the current format. Some other concepts I might add to the list are:
Spoiler Free Trailers: Recutting trailers so they don't give away the whole movie. (Tough to do before seeing the flick but you can usually figure out when the trailer's giving away too much.)
Last Week/Month's News: A look at one of the news stories from the previous week and seeing how it blossomed over time. How it was covered by both sides and where it ended up, 
Tell Me I'm Wrong: Probably going to rename this but it would basically be a way to kick off a discussion of the Hot Take. The reason I'm calling it Tell Me I'm Wrong or Show Me I'm Wrong is that I'd like the focus to be about listening to other people's arguments instead of just plopping one's thoughts out and arguing that they're right the whole time and not listening to any other POV. 

I ditched the movie list since I'm trying to be more positive so I replaced that with the recommendation section which will have all sorts of things I've loved this year. I was toying with the idea of a newsletter but I can barely get people to visit the site once a month so I don't think that many would sign up for a once a week newsletter. I might just have a weekly post of the news stories/tweets I liked. 

We'll see where this goes or if it's something I get hot and bothered about for a bit and then grow tired of and set aside. Vegas odds are probably favoring the latter right now but I'm trying to show more commitment to my ventures so away we go!