Dirty Laundry - Don Henley (& Minor Rant on Liberal Mania)

Dirty Laundry popped up on shuffle today and I felt like it was a fitting tune given my annoyance with the media lately, especially the liberal media. Trump Derangement Syndrome will hopefully subside a bit now that the Trump is officially elected but I doubt it. 
What bothers me the most is that there are countless stories out there that matter and people still seem to work to concoct stories where there are none to truly be found. The latest example was the reaction to Jason Miller's comments about a Politico story on Trump's private security.

A depressing number of people jumped on this blurb, mocking Miller for calling the story nonsense while also confirming the facts of the article. What people overlooked in order to pile on Miller was the fact a story can be true and still not be worthy of being a story. A Democratic case in point, Hillary Clinton's e-mail server. In this case, Miller wasn't saying that Politico's facts were nonsense, he was saying that making it a story was nonsense. He bookends his comment with "Blowing it out of proportion."
This is a major issue for Liberals. While left-leaning people are quick to call out anything for fear of Trump's actions becoming "normalized", they're calling out everything to the point that they're becoming the party that cried wolf. People were shocked and offended that Trump's sons are allegedly selling access to their Dad via a non-profit. Many pointed out that Republicans should be offended, given their attacks on the Clinton Foundation for the same thing, but they didn't turn that around on themselves and wonder if they should be making it a story after they claimed over and over that making the Clinton Foundation a story was, dare I say, nonsense.  
Personally, I think people need to take a breath and hold off on these stories, at least until Trump is sworn in and they become a potentially impeachable offense. If people keep harping on them before he actually becomes President, I'm fearful that people may grow tired of hearing them and they'll fall on deaf ears when they really matter. 
I'm still betting that Trump doesn't make it through two years of his term, especially given his Nixonian belief that, "The President can't have a conflict of interest," but constantly complaining about an election we lost isn't going to help any.
Back to Don Henley, is it me or does this sound like a song that The Weeknd should cover?