Liberal Mania pt. 2 - I mean, c'mon.

Really, that's all this Politico story warrants. An "I mean, c'mon". Given everything going on with Trump and what's happening in the world and you post this ridiculous, petty story? 

Even worse, some outlets are actually retweeting it or running with it. I'm a liberal but the main reason that I've started this Liberal Mania list is because I'm already sick of the hypocrisy I'm seeing from fellow liberals. People who hated the petty attacks on President Obama and now are doing the same thing to Trump. People are jumping on the post-facts bandwagon if it allows them to post something negative-but-untrue about Trump. "When they go low, we go high" was always BS but it's depressing to see just how untrue it really is.
But maybe it's my fault. Maybe I should have thrown Politico in the Don't Bother heap with Salon and HuffPo a while ago. In the New Year, I need to follow my own complaints and post a collection of quality articles rather than focusing on the nonsense.