2017 2.0

While I did a good job kicking off 2017, the past week or so has gone off the rails a bit so it makes sense to use today, the first day of the Trump Presidency to get myself back on track and hold myself accountable.

As for the response to the new President, I feel like fairness should be our first requirement. I'm having a hard time taking a lot of the critics of Trump seriously because they are so over-the-top. In fact, I think they are actually doing a detriment to their cause because they've established such a low bar for Trump to clear that he basically just needs to not start World War III and declare Putin as the new Head of State and people will think he did an OK job. 
On the other hand, many Trump supporters seem to be blindly following whatever he does (much like Obama supporters did for 8 years) so I hope that both sides can partake in some honest accountability. I doubt it'll happen but it would be nice and I might try to do a Friday New Roundup from here on out to highlight good stories and point out bad stories. I also want to try to build a list of reasonable people to follow on Twitter but that might be the hardest challenge yet. 

I'm also wary that I don't see any hope on the horizon for the Democrats. I'm still not sure why more people didn't run for the Democratic Party's nomination (I think the DNC made a strong push for Hillary and dissuaded people but I have no evidence to support that) and it's not like people who have been taking the lead so far like Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, etc. are people that I think are all that inspiring. And the fact that some people are clamoring that "We need to run a celebrity of our own" makes me even more worried. 

In the end, all I can do is work to help the organizations that are pushing the agenda I believe in, work to fulfill my personal goals, and just try to be a better person overall. It's hard for a random American like myself to lead by example but really, that's the first thing we have to do. 

Until then, only 654 days until the midterms and 1382 days until the next Presidential election. Let's make the most of them.

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