Recxpectations: Train to Busan

I checked out "Train to Busan," Korea's highest grossing film 2016, and I came away pleasantly surprised and eagerly awaiting the American remake. If you like zombie movies or are looking for a fix while waiting for The Walking Dead to return, I'd definitely recommend this film. (And this is from someone who tapped out of The Walking Dead a couple seasons ago.) 

You Should Expect: a zombie movie. This seems obvious, but I wouldn't go into this expecting a genre-defying flick. It is what it is. That being said, expect some timely statements on the state of the world today (kind of a Snowpiercer with zombies.) Also, expect more feels than you'd normally get out of a zombie movie.
Oh, and it's fast zombies. At times, I thought slow zombies might have been better; in fact, I still think there's an argument for slow zombies in this one (it's another thing I hope the remake considers but I doubt it.) 

Don't Expect: gore - This isn't a flick that revels in blood and sinew being snapped out of necks and the such. Don't expect the most imaginative direction. One reason I'm excited about the US remake is that I think some of the moments could have been handled better. 

Also, as usual, don't expect the trailer not to give away nearly the whole thing so I'd recommend watching up to the forty-one second mark and stopping. That gives you a feel of the movie and, honestly, you don't really get much more from the trailer besides more zombie action and reveals of what happens in the second half of the flick.

Shout out to Ted Welch for the recommendation! Ted also recommended "The Autopsy of Jane Doe", for those of you looking for another horror flick to check out.