Celebrating the Sevens!

I've always wanted to watch more classic movies but I just never make myself sit down and do it. Most of the time, I just get lazy and put something on that I can half pay attention to as I clean or surf the internet or roll over and go to sleep. But 2017 is the year that Kevin Stops Procrastinating so I'm going to actually sit down and start catching up on the great films that I've missed over the years. As a little gimmick to keep me invested, I'm going to celebrate the movies from 10, 20, 30, etc. years ago. In 2017, we'll be Celebrating the Sevens!

1937: La Grande Illusion (Directed by Jean Renoir; Written by Renoir and Charles Spaak)
1947: Black Narcissus (Written/Directed by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) 
1957: The Seventh Seal (Written/Directed by Ingmar Bergman)
1967: Weekend (Written/Directed by Jean Luc-Godard)
1977: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Written/Directed by Steven Spielberg)
1987: Au Revoir, Les Enfants (Written/Directed by Louis Malle)
1997: Taste of Cherry (Written/Directed by Abbas Kiarostami)
2007: Eve's Bayou (Written/Directed by Kasi Lemmons)

When choosing the titles for this first go around, I tried to go with films that I have never seen but, in one case, I made an exception. I've seen Close Encounters before but it was probably two decades ago so I feel like I could use a refresher. The 90's and Aughts will be tougher since I've seen most of the great movies of those decades so I went with one foreign film and one flick in Eve's Bayou that I've been meaning to watch since, well, 2007. 

To keep myself honest, I'm just going to go down the list so we'll always start with 1937. In this case, it'll be La Grande Illusion, a film I know pretty much nothing about besides the fact that the poster for it is seen on cinephiles walls all over the world. I'm going to try to watch one movie a week but I might double-up now and then to make up for weeks in which I might not have time to settle down with a movie (or if I want to see something that just came out instead.) 

So join me in Celebrating the Sevens!