Amendments to Trump's Executive Order on Immigration

Elon Musk asked for amendment ideas that he could potentially bring to the President's attention. Here are six areas of President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration that I think could use clarity or an amendment 

Amendment #1: Green Cards
The initial statements from Trump's team signified that people with green cards would be included in the ban. Hours later, DHS secretary Kelly deemed "the entry of lawful permanent residents to be in the national interest." Clarity on this issue is needed.

Amendment #2: Children
Cases like this shouldn't exist.
I don't know what national interest would keep children from being united with their parents. If a child has a parent in the US, that child's visa should be honored. I'd also ask that we consider allowing kids be sent over to not just parents but to close relatives as well. If someone is here to shelter and give care to children refugees, we shouldn't let this executive order keep them from escaping their suffering. 

Amendment #3: Students/Medical
Two exceptions should be made for students from the countries in question.
1. An exception for students currently residing in the United States so that they can be allowed to go home over vacation or if there's a family emergency without fear of not being able to get back into the country. 
2. Students who are currently outside of the US but trying to get back to continue their schooling or residencies (as is the case of this young man) shouldn't have to wait three months to get back in. There should be some sort of process in which someone from a school or hospital can vouch for these people so they can get back in and continue their educations. At the very least, doctors, medical students, etc. should receive some help getting back to their patients here in the U.S.

Amendment #4: The Luol Deng Exemption
Luol Deng of the Los Angeles Lakers is Sudanese but has British citizenship. If the Lakers go to play the Toronto Raptors, this executive order could prevent him from returning to the United States. People currently in the United States shouldn't have their business travel limited by this executive order. Perhaps there needs to be a new type of visa created for this and Amendment #3. A kind of exemption visa that allows them to travel despite the ban.  

Amendment #5: US Military Support
People in the countries in question have put their lives on the line to help our military. While refraining from issuing new visas might make some sense, renegging on visas that have been offered and, in some cases, earned by these men and women sends a terrible message and will make the jobs of our military in those countries more difficult. We should honor these visas and share the freedoms that we promised these people when they agreed to help.

Amendment #6: In-Process Refugees
The current vetting process takes around 15 months. I believe that we can let the process continue for people who've been through a year of vetting. Rather than shut everything down immediately, allow these people who have made it through most of the vetting to get a shot at starting over in the United States. 

Kevin MendoncaComment