New Year, Same Ol' Politics

Well, it's clear that neither the GOP or Dems have put Be More Logical on their lists of New Year's resolutions. In fact, both sides responded to the first brouhaha of 2017 in ways that, shockingly, ended with Donald Trump looking the best of everyone involved. 
To recap:
1. The GOP members of the House aimed to weaken the independent ethics office by putting it under the purview of the House Ethics Committee. In other words, the "independent" office would have to answer to the very congressmen that they were supposed to be keeping an eye on. It's hard to find a move that doesn't fly in the face of the President-elect's adopted "Drain the Swamp" mantra.
2. Liberals became irate, which makes some sense but, at the same time, the ethics office hasn't really done much, doesn't have much power to do much, and has rankled many people because of allegedly false allegations. While the GOPs decision was obviously horrible in terms of optics, Senator Chuck Schumer took to Twitter to make them look a little better via a wee bit of hypocrisy.

3. President-Elect Trump then swooped in via Twitter and pointed out the obvious - that with so much on their plate, the House should be focusing on more important issues and not wasting time with this move, especially since it is one that will have little impact outside of horrible optics.
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy then did the ol' DC Two-Step and said the vote was still going to happen... until hours later, when he said it wasn't because it didn't have the votes.

Basically, the GOP and Democrats are continuing to act in the manner that got us stuck with President Donald Trump. And, sadly, I think this isn't something that's going to change any time soon.