Recxpectations: Passengers

"Passengers" reminds me a little bit of "La La Land" in that they are both character-driven films that are carried more by the actors than the characters they play. And while "La La Land" worked for me, "Passengers" really hit some wrong nerves.  That being said, the power of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence compelled some people to like it. So my recommendations for one's expectations when heading into the film are:

EXPECT: You need to be very forgiving or empathetic of a pretty horrible decision. You also need to like both Pratt and Lawrence. Expect to see some cool futuristic stuff but avoid thinking much at all about the logic of what's going on big picture-wise. Expect it to shift to an action movie in the final act, something that felt like a directive by the studio.

DON'T EXPECT: Much. I think it's best to go in expecting the worst on this one and perhaps you'll be pleasantly surprised. Don't expect much in the way of romance; there's some fun flirting (if you ignore the looming secret) but the romance is more driven by necessity than anything else.