The List (Eats) - First Quarter of 2017

I have a lengthy To Do list when it comes to L.A. restaurants. And, unfortunately, I feel like I'm adding names to that list faster than I'm able to cross them off. At this point, the list is getting a bit unwieldy, so I'm going to limit it to 20 spots (plus two morning options) and focus on knocking these spots off the list sooner than later. Let's call this the First Quarter 2017 Eats List.

I live in Little Tokyo so featuring mostly spots in downtown Los Angeles makes the most sense. Realistically, I'm more likely to knock these places off since I can just walk to most of them. 
1. Orsa & Winston: Japanese and Italian fusion? Sure, why not?
2. Miro: Eater called this place "a whiskey-soaked ray of sunshine."
3. Fritzi: Honestly, I wasn't blown away by Redbird, which is another restaurant by the chef behind this venture, but Fritzi offers elevated bar food at the Arts District Brewing Company so I feel like I should give it a shot. Plus, Arts District Brewing Company is always a fun time. 
4. ManuelaLiterally down the street from me, Manuela is part of the Hauser, Wirth, Schimmel art space which is always fun to check out every now and then.
5. The Stocking Frame: This might be more of a bar but when you offer crusted Spanish octopus, hamachi crudo, and bucatini carbonara, I find it hard to label you as bar grub.
6. Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar: A new venture from the people who brought you Mendocino Farms, one of my favorite lunch spots.
7. Tom George: This spot, originally hailing from Budapest, just opened and has a tasty looking menu. 
8. Poppy + Rose: I felt like I needed a breakfast spot on the list and this DTLA eatery has been getting some good reviews.

K-Town is starting to blow up, in terms of eateries. It makes sense as it is close to downtown but doesn't have DTLA rents. 
9. Here's Looking At You: The name is a mouthful but the hype has been deafening. I keep hearing about this place so I should make my way over there.
10. Ragtop Fern's: I'm always up for good BBQ and this place is supposedly serving up some amazing smoked meat. 
11. Terra Cotta: Probably a date spot but Terra Cotta supposedly has one of the better looking new interiors and flavorful food to match.

12. Lao Tao: This Taiwanese street food joint probably benefits from being upstairs from the extremely popular Howlin' Rays Tennessee Hot Chicken but word is that the food stands on its own. Plus, I want to wander around Chinatown one of these days to check out more of the area. Although, I have to be honest, if I'm in Chinatown, I'm probably going to want to eat at Howlin' Rays or Yang Chow.

13. The Fat Dragon: I love me some fast casual Chinese food so it only makes sense that this would be on the list.

14. Cassia: Cassia has been one of the best-reviewed restaurants and a place that was near the top of my list all last year but I never came close to going. I need to remedy that this quarter.

15. Norah: Eclectic and "stylishly Southern". Sounds interesting.
16. AOC: Californian French is not the kind of fusion that interests me and wine bars are not my thing but I keep hearing good things about this spot. 

17. Spartina: I'm going to be honest - I really like the name. Also, I love Italian food and this place gets great reviews so on The List it goes!

18. Lost at Sea: I've been wanting to hang out in my old hood and also check out the Southwestern Museum of the American Indian, which is on the Gold Line on the way to Pasadena so I'm adding this new seafood spot to The List.

19: DeSano Pizza Bakery: I've heard from multiple people that this is the best pizza in LA so I'm going to have to go and see if it lives up to the hype.

20: Sqirl: Global-inspired breakfast plates in a restaurant labeled "a hipster's dream".