The List (Drinks) - First Quarter of 2017

While I struggled to make much headway on my restaurant To Do list last year, I pretty much knocked off most of the bars on my list. Granted, it's a lost easier to just poke your head in for a drink than it is to try out a restaurant but still...
A few from last year still remain, but I basically had to start fresh and look for new bars or places that I'd overlooked for one reason or another. 

1. The Varnish: A speakeasy in the back of Cole's French Dip, this has become a classic spot and one that I've yet to check out. 
2. The Black Sheep: "Bar bites with an Asian twist" is an intriguing sales pitch for this gastropub.
3. The Little Easy: I've poked my head into this place a couple of times but never made the leap.
4. The Continental Club: I'm going, to be honest, I might have been to this spot already, but I can't remember. Which means I probably had a good time if I did go and if I didn't, well, then I can cross it off the list!
5. Little Bear: A new Belgian beer cafe in DTLA.
6. Birds and Bees: This DTLA speakeasy doesn't open until the end of the month but I always like checking out new bars, and if this place is no good, it's close to one of my faves, La Cita. 
7. Pacific Seas: The new tiki bar in the already eclectic Clifton's Cafeteria. 
8. Brack Shop Tavern: If it's a new bar in DTLA, I'm going to want to check it out. 
9. El Dorado: Ditto.
10. Upstairs: Supposedly a cool bar at the Ace Hotel. We shall see. 
11. Salvage: I've walked past this place but didn't realize that the interior was designed with all salvaged material, hence the name. Worth a look. 

12. ETA: It's across the street from Highland Park Bowl. I've been around it a few times but haven't ventured over yet.
13. Good Housekeeping: Another Highland Park spot that I keep hearing good things about but never seem to make it to. 

14. Tabula Rasa Bar: If the 4.9 rating on Yelp wasn't enough, it's a minute walk away from Jumbo's Clown Room. Even if I didn't want to go to this place, I'd probably end up there eventually. 
15. Minibar: Situated next to Cafe 101, this little lounge wasn't around when I lived in the area, but I'd love to check it out. Seems like a cool little place.
16. Confession: A speakeasy (I think) in Pig & Whistle, this place might be too "elite" for me, but I'd like to check it out. I'll probably have to go on an off-night, so I can make it in and not bother the beautiful people. 
17. The Next Door Lounge: Password required. Live music most nights. 

18. Black: A WeHo rock bar run by some of the people who used to run The Viper Room? Could be cool, could be douchey, either way, it's probably worth a shot. 

19. Tenants of Trees: It sounds like a radiohead b-side or an upcoming Terrence Malick film but this Silverlake bar apparently has three different part - a bar, a music venue, and a movie theater - and it also has a no phone/no camera policy. Too hipstery? Maybe. But why not try it out.
20. Cha Cha Lounge: I've been to The Red Lion but never hopped across the street to this classic dive, which is pretty sad since I consider myself an LA dive aficionado.