Clifton's and The Stocking Frame are ON THE LIST!

Clifton's Republic fka Clifton's Cafeteria should have been on The List! earlier but I overlooked it for some reason. In fact, I'd put it on my Can't Miss list for people visiting LA as it is one of the kitschiest bars in LA, has fun swing dancing going on with a live band, and now has a kick-ass Tiki Bar called Pacific Seas. There was a line to get into Pacific Seas on Friday night but the friendly door girl takes your number and texts you when you can get in. If you're going on a busy night, I'd recommend getting in line for Pacific Seas first and then wander around the rest of the place while you wait to get in. Check out the swing dancers, grab a drink and look at the huge tree and randomness of the bar. 
Pacific Seas is a blast. The DJ booth is in a boat! I had a blast.

Before hitting up Clinton's, my friend and I tried out The Stocking Frame. First off, I was stunned at how big the place is. It's pretty huge with three different bars. It seems like a great date spot or a place where you can just cozy up to the bar to watch a game. 
As for the food, Courier Class's Yellowtail Expert Robert Carroll said that the Hamache Crudo was only B+ yellowtail but we both loved the pastrami tacos and the carbonara. The pastrami especially was possibly the best pastrami either of us has ever had. I also appreciated that they made their slaw with sour cream instead of mayo since I hate mayo (although I still scooped half of it off the taco, seemed like too much for me.)