The Dangerously Low Expectations Game

Are liberals, many of whom are currently freaking out at pretty much any sentence involving the word "Trump", doing ourselves a disservice and potentially setting ourselves up for a much tougher election in four years? 
Obviously, the response to this by many on the list would ZOMG WE MIGHT NOT SURVIVE FOUR YEARS! Which is precisely the problem I'm having. Over the last few days, the cries have been deafening. Trump is going to leave our nuclear materials unwatched and potentially risk disaster. Jeff Sessions would bring back Jim Crow. 2016 might be the last free election we have after Trump becomes a dictator. 
I'm sorry but it's getting to the point that Trump will be seen as being a better-than-expected President if he manages to not bring upon the End of Days. 
And in some cases, the freak out is just making us look stupid. The Gizmodo article about "Trump Just Dismissed the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal" is a perfect example. The article makes a big To Do about Trump supposedly telling the leaders of the NNSA to clean out their desks but then it admits that those people aren't REALLY the people in charge of maintaining our nuclear arsenal. They are just the political heads who would brief and defend the budget to Congress; something which could probably happen without them, given that the NNSA has only been around since 2000 and we've had nukes a bit longer than that. Of course, wading into the impact of Trump supposedly firing the leaders is kind of moot since, well, it never happened. 
Defense News reported that the Trump Transition Team has had no contact with the NNSA. Nobody had been dismissed. The two top people are turning in their resignations on inauguration day as is customary so Gizmodo updated their headline to "Trump is Letting Go The People In Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal" even though that's STILL not really true. Trump hasn't talked to them about keeping their posts yet and, again, the actual maintaining of our nuclear arsenal is handled by civil servants, not political appointees.
Similarly, the hubbub about Trump telling Obama's political ambassadors that they can't have extensions is much ado about very little.  Honestly, the biggest argument for ambassadors to stay on is if they have kids in school and they don't want to have upheaval in the middle of the school year (as Trump doesn't with his own son.) 
As for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? Well, that could be a reasonable flag to throw up. So let's focus on issues like that and let's see well thought out arguments against him rather than Gotcha! pieces or hyperbole. Honestly, at this point, the media, especially the web media, has become the boys and girls who cried wolf because they've lost their shit over so many things that turned out to be less crucial than they made it out to be.