The Good Fight - CBS All Access 2/19

The Good Fight is the spin-off of The Good Wife that I've been waiting for. And the trailer has me even more excited as the premise looks cool and the cast is top notch. Delroy Lindo is one of the most underused actors in Hollywood, in my opinion, and I'm very happy to see Erica Tazel, who I would have preferred to see in a Tim and Rachel-led spinoff of Justified but this will do. And as always Cush Jumbo and Christine Baranski are phenomenal. And I haven't even mentioned Rose "You Know Nothing, John Snow" Leslie yet. Or Sarah Steele, who was always a breath of fresh air whenever she appeared on The Good Wife. 
The show will air on CBS on 2/19 and then move to CBS All Access, CBS's online streaming venture, for the rest of the 10 episode run.