This Week's "NOT HELPING!" award goes to...

Judd Legum of ThinkProgress, come on down! 

ProPublica's (a usually reliable site) tweet sums up the "story" right here.

Now, as you can guess by Judd Legum's tweet turning into a "This Tweet is unavailable" sign, something went wrong with the story. As it turns out, the Kuwait event that was the key cog in this controversy... was on Wednesday night. So while there might be an argument to be made about Trump visiting "his" hotel or how his family's blind trust is anything but, that's kind of dead for the time being since the press jumped over a story that was simply wrong.
In Legum's defense, he was going off of NPR and Reuters reports that claimed that the party was indeed tonight, the 25th of February. But this just hammers home the lesson to be learned from this: Always confirm the key facts of your story! A simple phone call to the Trump Hotel might have been able to help Judd avoid this embarrassment. But, alas, no attempts to confirm were made and now we have yet another example that Trump can crow about as FAKE NEWS!