Preux and Proper is ON THE LIST!

My first time at Preux and Proper was kind of perfect. A group of friends who first bonded together at a wedding in New Orleans stumbled upon the N'Awlins-based restaurant and grabbed a drink and some quick grub. It was the day Prince passed away and they were blasting his classics and the whole thing kind of became a Prince sing-a-long. I didn't grab any food that day but I loved the space and it was a great time.

Today I decided to check out the Sunday Brunch. Going in, I was probably going to be forgiving because of the past experience, the fact that I liked the decor, and the waitress was beyond pretty and had a killer smile. (Whatever, I'm a sucker for a smile and curly hair.) The food, however, didn't disappoint.

I got the Chicken & Waffles and the BBQ Joint Fries. It took a few bites for me to get used to the Chicken & Waffles because they used honey instead of maple syrup but, in the end, I might have been converted. Very good. The chicken could have used some hot sauce and I foolishly didn't ask if they had some (the people next to me got hot sauce to put on their chicken.) The fries were very tasty although they were a little too salty for my taste. I might ask for lightly salted next time. 

The dinner menu looks great and there were other things on the brunch menu I wanted to check out so I'll definitely be back. And the downstairs bar area has shuffleboard which is always a bonus.