Today in "Not Helping!": Chris Cuomo and the Botched Slam Dunk

Chris Cuomo was kind of given an easy slam dunk response to Donald Trump and he botched it. 

Cuomo had a lot of things going for him
A. He did bring up the Blumenthal's past problems with the truth.
B. Blumenthal has owned up to his lying about his service in the Vietnam War and apologized for it, something that Trump hasn't done very often. Some might not buy the excuse (when saying he served "in Vietnam", he meant "during" Vietnam, not actually "IN Vietnam.") but he's apologized and stopped repeating the lies.
C. A spokesman for Judge Gorsuch said that, while not addressing Trump's tweets specifically, Gorsuch believes that all attacks on judges on demoralizing. It stands to reason that Gorsuch would have found Trump's attacks demoralizing.

So what does Cuomo do?
First, he compares "Fake News" to racial or ethnic epithets which is the kind of grandstanding and Woe is Me nonsense that people don't want to hear from cable news, especially talking heads who aren't really journalists, in my opinion.  Fake News is not the new N word. Trump's petty attacks on the media do not equal the racism, sexism, xenophobia that minorities are often surrounded by. 
Second, he admits that Blumenthal ducked the question and then says that is fine. Now pretty much anyone Cuomo interviews can duck his questions and say, "Hey, it's fine. You said politicians do it all the time." If it mattered, Cuomo should have pushed back and not allowed Blumenthal to duck. He should have asked again, why Blumenthal has any credibility here. That answer, of course, was also a slam dunk because of the statement that Gorsuch's rep made. He could have said that Gorsuch told us privately that he found attacks generally demoralizing; he should speak up publically against Trump's attacks. He doesn't have to cite the case in question, just speak out against the Executive Branch attacking judges. Also, he could say he apologized for the lie and his constituents voted him in again so their confidence and forgiveness (as well as the lesson he learned via his egregious mistakes) gives him credibility.
Again, this was an easy slam dunk for Cuomo and he ended up like this:

And I realized that I should probably do something to try to help myself, rather than just calling people out so, for now, my helping of the day is a quick tweet to the Office of Government Ethics and Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight Committee, about Kellyanne Conway's self-described "commercial" for Ivanka Trump.

It's not much but it's a start.