A 1 and a 2: The Artists Who Dominated My First Two Months of 2017

I haven't been finding a lot of new music lately, mostly because two artists and one playlist have dominated my ears so far this year. 

The two artists have been Rationale and Dua Lipa. Both poppier than what I usually listen to but I've been absolutely addicted to their stuff so far this year. Dua Lipa is coming to LA in a week or so and I scooped tickets up as soon as I found out. Sadly, I missed UK-based Rationale when he was here last year and I'm not sure when he's coming back to the States.

I'm not completely sold on my mix here as it was a hastily made playlist but here are most of what Rationale and Dua Lipa have released. 

If you're not on Spotify, here are three tracks each from both artists.