Make It Happen March

OK, the first two months of 2017 haven't been my most productive. In fact, since I started FUNemployment a couple of weeks ago, I've seen some of my laziest days of my life. I went four days without getting dressed before 4:30pm and I closed the month by not getting dressed at all. To be fair, I was writing most of the day so I wasn't being completely lazy but still...

So I'm going to kick myself in the butt and declare this month MAKE IT HAPPEN MARCH. Time to stop putting off the goals and the To Do lists and get shit done. Whether it's a project you've wanted to start or been tinkering with or never finishing or something simpler like a restaurant you've want to try, stop making plans to make plans and actually go out and do it. 

My previous resolutions/goals flopped so for March, I'm going with:
1. Check out one new locale and one new event a week.
2. Finish three screenplays (I have a lot in various stages right now; gotta clear the deck.)
3. Record three songs (I've been putting this one off way too long.) I'd also like to at least get the video for the three songs planned.
4. Lose 5 - 10 pounds/work out consistently/eat better (Overall goal is under 200 for the summer; I'm at 215 right now.)
5. Again, since I haven't driven a car in 16 years, get my learner's permit and drive a car.
6. Make good on the Celebrating the 7's idea - watching films from the past decades (1997, 2007, 1957, what have you.) 
7. Read at least two books.
8. Blog more frequently. Even if just a progress report for these goals. 
I'm sure I'll think of other things but this is a good start.