Black Rabbit Rose is ON THE LIST!

After the ho-hum Kong: Skull Island, I decided to try to boost my night by checking out the new magic-themed bar from the Houston Bros (No Vacancy, Good Times at Davey Wayne's, Breakroom 86, La Descarga). There was a 9:30 show so I hustled up Vine and down Hollywood to get there to see what the brothers had up their sleeve this time.

First tip: You have to buy your tickets online. I walked up at 9:15ish and was told they don't sell tix at the door. I was able to quickly buy tickets on my phone but I thought it important to share that online purchases are the only option.

The bar is a nice space and is the same set-up as the Houston Bros. last venture here, Butchers and Barbers. I'm not sure if I would go here JUST for the bar but it's great for pre-show drinks. I didn't try out the menu but, after seeing some of the plates on people's tables, I'll definitely be back to try out the food.
As for a date spot, best to reserve a table or show up early enough to get a spot at the bar. It's a smaller bar so if you miss out on those, you'll kind of be looming about in the middle of things (although there is a second, also small room with a Zoltan machine that you can hang out in as well.) Like many LA spots, it's dark and loud. That's good and bad for me; the darkness makes me look better but the music might test my diminishing hearing abilities. It might not be the ideal spot for first date convo but it isn't bad at all. 

The magic show was definitely entertaining and worth the $40, in my opinion. It featured multiple performers - two magicians, a juggler, a singer, and one other performer (I don't want to give away the whole show.) The magic is geared towards casual magic fans. I'm not an avid fan but having been to The Magic Castle and Derek DelGaudio's two shows, I've seen some top notch magicians. I was hoping for more card tricks but the tricks were good enough and the performers were such characters with solid humor that they made it all worthwhile. I can understand why magic fans might poo poo the show but, I mean, it's a magic show and it's tough to compare everything to The Magic Castle, one of, if not the best, magician's lair.

Black Rabbit Rose: 1719 N. Hudson Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028