Recxpectations: Logan

As usual, this isn't so much of a review as it is setting recommended expectations for how I think people should head into the movie. It's spoiler-free.
Also note, I saw Logan in less than ideal conditions as the audio dropped out midway through the movie and, after twenty minutes of failed attempts to resolve the issues, the screening was canceled. I waited in line for half an hour to get a refund but then was able to sneak into a different showing that was pretty much at the point where my screening went haywire.
Side Note: During the twenty minutes of waiting for the screw up to be fixed, I was able to test my theory that, when things go wrong, you can get some laughs with "And the winner is La La Land." 

Tip: Show up on time. There's a short before the film that's worth catching.

EXPECT: A well-earned R-rating. From the opening line of dialogue to a gratuitous boob shot to action that quite literally doesn't pull any punches, this is not your father's X-Men. Expect a tone unlike anything we've seen in a Marvel movie. It's almost melancholy. Tonally, it's pretty much the anti-thesis of the giddy excitement one felt during the airport battle royale in Captain America: Civil War. That being said, the first half of the film might just stand up to the best Marvel has to offer. 

DON'T EXPECT: The momentum to carry through the second half. The film slows down quite a bit. Don't expect the film to break the X-Men series' Achilles heel of somewhat underwhelming final battles. Nor does it improve upon Marvel's nagging issue of somewhat generic villains (although Boyd Holbrook is very good in this.) Don't expect any other X-cameos - there are some references to events in the past and I was hoping for flashbacks that might include other X-Men but don't waste your time hoping for that. Don't expect to LOVE this movie because it's hard seeing your heroes beaten down by life and old age. The film has few-to-no moments that leave you thinking, "Ooh, that was fun!" It's not that type of movie. 

Overall, I definitely recommend "Logan." It's a must-see for fans of the X-series and will likely be mentioned in any discussion about the best film of the series. If you have to choose between "Get Out" and "Logan", I might still go with "Get Out" but it's close.