Recxpectations for Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island is the kind of movie that inspired me to do Recommended Expectations. A middling b-movie, it's the kind of big screen spectacle that some will eat up while others will be bored by. Saying whether I thought it was good or bad doesn't mean as much as setting the right mindset for people to head into the theater with.

NOTE: Reports are that there is a post-credits sequence.  

EXPECT: big fights and FX - that's what you came for and while there isn't much new ground broken, people who just like big creatures fighting will have enough to make them happy. And the film looks pretty fantastic. Won't be surprised if it nabs an Oscar nod for FX. Expect Blunt Force Cinema - not a lot of planning or thought goes into the proceedings; just people marching forward and fighting. Expect mostly generic characters - one or two people shine here but most of the characters are forgettable. Get ready for a muted tone - it walks the line in between serious and campy, delivering a film that has the characters (mostly) acting seriously but the audience giggled at many of the deaths. Sam Jackson is pretty dialed down here; could have used the bigger, badder Samuel L.

DON'T EXPECT: Much from Brie Larson or Tom Hiddleston; feels like anyone could have played their roles. Don't expect much of a Vietnam feel outside of some music choices and visual homages to Apocalypse Now. All of the characters feel like they could have come from any generation. Don't expect this to be the film that inspires a bunch of sequels but it won't be a franchise killer either. Don't expect to hate this movie but don't expect to remember anything besides the FX at the end of the year.