Hey, I actually made something! The 2014 Oscar Sequels

In 2014, I decided to finally produce something and I started off small with two silly videos about potential sequels to Oscar-nominated films, or rather, what I think some of the dumber powers-that-be in Hollywood might consider to be good ideas for sequels.
The videos are silly and kind of funny but kicking things off by making fun of the decision makers in Hollywood probably isn't the wisest move. I mean, I could stick out my chest and say that I'm speaking truth to power but really, I just thought of these two ideas and knew I could shoot them at work on the weekends when nobody was in so here we are. 

Video one is a sequel to 12 Years a Slave. I was ahead of the game as a year later would be the infamous Oscar So White although I'm sure many people who supported that cause would have found my approach to Hollywood whitewashing to be problematic.

The second video is a sequel to Gravity. We spent most of the day shooting the 12 Years a Slave video so this one was a rush job. This is also the video which taught me that I'm apparently incapable of finding focus and should put someone else in charge of the camera. 
Embarrassing note; As director, I often found myself forgetting to say ACTION! and just staring through the camera, wondering why nobody had started the scene yet. 

Thanks to James Ferris, Cristen Coppen, Tom Downey, and Jeff Denton (whose role, sadly, was left on the cutting room floor) as well as Will Davidson, Nick Van Dam, and Josh Klein for assisting me with the production. 

Kevin MendoncaComment